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Classes offered:

Puppy Kindergarten:  This class focuses on opportunities for puppies (age two to six months) to develop social skills with both people and other dogs. Lots of playtime is afforded during this class as well as very basic obedience training and dog care issues.

>>> Click here for Purdue University on puppy socialization and vaccination.

Basic Obedience I:  Sit, come, stay, down and other basic obedience commands and training for dogs beyond puppy age. A great class for students moving up from Puppy Kindergarten, individuals with dogs who have never been to classes before, or those that need a little tune up. We cover the basics as well as many other useful commands to help you and your dog live an enjoyable and fulfilling lifetime together.


Basic Obedience II:  This class is designed for handlers and their dogs that have graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and/or Basic Obedience I at Golden Grange Kennels. Basic commands will be reviewed and a deeper understanding of attention during training will be developed through exercises and games. Recalls, heeling and walking politely on a leash are a major focus of this class.



Canine Good Citizen (CGC): This is an American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized course. The course reinforces responsible pet ownership and proper manners and skills for dogs to “go out in the real world”. At the end of the course, dogs will be tested and those successfully completing the test will be awarded a certificate from the AKC proclaiming their success. There will be six weeks of instruction, the final week is the test.



Novice Obedience:  This class is for students who are serious about competing in the Obedience show ring and are working toward their AKC Companion Dog (CD) title. The class will focus on the requirements of the AKC Novice Obedience course: on and off lead heeling, figure 8’s, stay, come, and stand for exam.

Open/Utility Obedience:  This class is designed to meet the needs of students who have already completed their AKC CD title and are working towards a CDX, UD or UDX title. 

Agility Classes:  Small group classes available for handlers and dogs at all levels. Beginners' classes will focus on introducing the contact equipment and proper handling skills. Advanced classes aim towards building confidence, refining the skills of the handler and precise execution of obstacles from the dog.​​

Private Training Lessons:  Private training lessons are available for students currently enrolled in group classes. Please see one of our instructors for availability and pricing.

Walk-Ins: Walk-ins are available for certain classes on a case-by-case basis. Pre-approval is required. $35 per class. 

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